I have always been of the belief that somehow, the universe is constantly sending us little messages, tiny signals that make us question the direction in which we’re headed. That sudden feeling in the pit of your stomach that urges you to stop for a moment and reconsider what you previously believed to be the best decision; that moment, to me, is our destiny.
Maybe it all sounds a bit cheesy or far fetched. But, for now, let go of your skepticism and critical framework for what you believe to be true. Consider all the steps you’ve taken up until this very moment and all the little coincidences, missteps and screw ups that lead you to where you are right now. I think that each time we are faced with a coincidence or that panicked split second feeling of doubt, we have the opportunity to listen to that voice inside our head and take the leap of faith that will lead us into the unknown.
Im not suggesting that we’re completely unable to control our own fate, but rather, we are constantly faced with the opportunity to listen to the universe and trust our gut instincts or to ignore them. The best way to describe each moment in our lives is a tapestry of events that culminate in sublime fashion, ultimately leading us to how and where we are meant to be. Every hard ship, victory and moment of weakness, leading us to the next chapter. I think that if we trust ourselves and those tiny moments of serendipity, we will always end up back on the path to where we’re meant to be.
One of the best lessons that I’ve learned in my 24 years on this earth is to trust the timing of your life. Happiness should not be regarded as a destination, but instead as beautiful, sometimes fleeting moments that make up our journey in life.


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