Existential Thoughts I Have During Spin Class


Before I begin, I will get one helpful insight into my thought process out of the way: I tend to get wrapped up in my own thoughts and think about things that generally have a low to medium relation to anything actually going on around me.. For example, as a painfully observant individual, I will usually start off by seeing something that triggers a reminder of another similar thought, which then leads to another more unrelated topic… and so begins the infinite segue of thoughts.

Today, during an especially gruelling spin class at TAC, I noticed a girl who left the class abruptly to answer an incoming phone call. Why she had her phone on her person during rigorous physical activity I cannot speak to.. But, what I do know is how quickly she was able to hop off her bike mid spin to answer an incoming phone call (3 seconds). Now, I am most certainly not claiming to be a person who can go a few minutes without their phone in a nearby vicinity (or, more specifically, as a prosthetic extension of my arm). That being said, I do understand the concept of there being a time and a place for things.. This all got me to thinking about how dependant we are on our smartphones and technological devices. I mean, that’s not to say that all this virtual codependency is a bad thing, but it does pose a big old fashioned question mark as to how we would function, or rather, struggle to function if these devices just spontaneously ceased to exist. Are we a seemingly less intelligent generation because of our impulsive need to google fact check as opposed to giving our library cards a healthy work out (remember those?) .. That debate is just par for the course in an otherwise larger debate of the rise or fall of our current society. So as I sat in spin class, or I guess spun (?) in spin class, I began to think about all the people I would have lost complete contact with after high school, university or even camp Ki-Wa-Y overnight camp.. We are desensitized to how abnormally in tune we are to people who aren’t even apart of our everyday lives. I am 100% in the know about the first born child of a girl I worked with when I was 18 and spoke to twice.. How is this normal? It just is. We have a morbid curiosity and need to hang on to our past, and with that we’ve formed a community made of collective narcissism, curiosity and affirmation. Imagine a world where we didn’t stay connected to our best friend from grade 6, our arch high school nemesis, that lab partner in university or your ex.. This is such a bittersweet concept, we would have no choice but to focus on the future instead of clinging to the past, but would also lack the ability to stay in touch to people who once meant so much to us. We are an audience to the major life events of people who changed us, grew with us or even apart from us. When I really step back and think about it, it’s truly such a simultaneously creepy and wonderful concept. So with that in mind, is it really so bad to freely allow our private lives to be followed by the people we physically or sometimes emotionally drifted away from? Maybe not.. So as my spin class came to a God sent end, I realized that instead of focusing on the trivial questions of whether or not our generation lacks depth because of having more conversations through a screen than ones that are face-to-face, perhaps we should focus on how fortunate we are to be able to keep so many people who are far away from us at our fingertips.


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