What I’m listening to: December 2014

Anyone that truly knows me is well aware of how much music impacts my daily life – this could be due to my systematically categorized playlists, suited to fit some of the most obscure moments and beyond or simply by picking up on it over the years. I grew up in an environment that was always under the influence of music in some way, shape or form. Roadtrips with my parents always consisted of my dad’s classic rock and or Beatles playlists, Christmas was always about Frank Sinatra while cozying up to the fire, and I vividly remember walking to school with my AC/DC Back in Black cd playing on repeat in my walkman (ancient fossil-type technology).. I was also a ballet dancer from age 3 until I was 19.. This true passion for dance really made me understand music and rhythm on a completely different level than I would have if I had not been so immersed in it. I also took piano lessons and somehow managed to win multiple scholarships – which is a little known fact that many of my closest friends don’t even know about me.. Surprise! Unfortunately, I ended up quitting piano because it fell lower and lower on the list of priorities as I got older and my other extracurriculars like dance, sports and gymnastics took greater influence in my life (and let’s be honest, practicing for 30 minutes straight everyday after school under the eagle eyed supervision of my parents was just not vibing well with my 16 year old girl social life). I haven’t touched a piano since the day that I quit, and it’s something I actually really regret and am always hoping to someday get back into.. Stay tuned?

I am most definitely a person who will play a certain genre of music that depends entirely on my mood. When you’re happy, there is just nothing like jamming out to your favourite upbeat playlist, feeling like a trendy bad ass? Kings of Leon, hey what’s up. Relationship going south? John Mayer it is.. and so forth..

Anyways, I will stop myself from boring you with my little personal ramblings here and get to the good stuff. Below are some links to my latest musical inspirations that have found themselves on my most recent playlists.. Enjoy!


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