Ain’t It Funny How..


The first step to getting what you want is having the courage to get rid of what you don’t. Sounds fairly simple, doesn’t it? Any number of choices and decisions, no matter how big, small or truly (in)significant can change your life in a second, day, week, month, year.. You see where I’m going with this.. I don’t know about you, but to me, that’s got to be one of the most simultaneously terrifying and extraordinarily empowering notions. Think about it this way, if someone or something makes you unhappy.. say “buh-byeee”. If you wish to see the world.. buy a ticket, board a plane. These are decisions that are totally and completely within your control. The only thing truly stopping you from changing your life is whether or not you have the guts to take a risk and follow through. In order to truly face the world head on and crush your goals, it’s absolutely crucial to simplify. Eliminate the bad, the negative, the destructive.. Choose to not over complicate things. The reality is, it’s usually a lot easier said than done. It took me about 45 seconds to type the above statement, but 24 years to truly implement this strategy into my daily life.. And believe me, I’m still actively working on it!

When you look at any scenario in a truly objective form, it becomes painfully obvious as to what should stay and what should go. This is generally why we can absolutely kill it at dishing out great advice to others, but struggle when it comes to tackling our own introspective dilemmas. We will dance back and forth between what we think the best solution might be, weighing out the pros and cons.. In these situations, we are often our own worst enemy. When you can’t come up with a solution for fear of choosing the wrong one, you end up in a strange overzealous ball of indecisiveness – which, full disclosure, has been a natural habitat that I’ve enjoyed living in many times over the last few years. Just remember – warning, some groundbreaking, deep food for thought, headed your way – indecision is also a decision. You are choosing to put yourself in a place where no change or progress can be made, parking you in a really awkward limbo. Think of it as cranial purgatory… Or, like that annoying jail in Monopoly (do not even get me started on that tiny hell). In order to reach your true comfort zone and potential in life, it’s generally a requirement that you spend some time disciplining yourself. Discipline is uncomfortable. Ironically, in order to be truly comfortable with your life and the decisions you’ve made, you have to endure a state of discomfort. That’s not to say that obstacles or hurdles in life are all bad.. Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. If there’s one thing you can always count on, it’s change – It’s consistent and inevitable. So welcome it, buckle up and enjoy the ride. You have to be willing to surrender who you are, for who you could become. The problem is, when it comes to reflecting on ourselves or the various situations that we might be facing, there is a certain element involved that creates a barrier between logic and emotion. This funny little barrier is usually created by the fabric of our ego, pride, and maybe a dab of delusion – let’s face it, this is all a part of our charm as human beings, drunk on the idea that a perfect love, path or choice exists. We are all complex, strange, inexplicably complicated and perfectly (or not so perfectly) imperfect.. Luck of the draw.

The entire notion of perfection is actually a really amusing concept to me. It’s a word and an idea that has an unbelievably broad spectrum of potential definitions that will vary depending on who you talk to. Despite the difficulty of creating a single host definition, we all strive to attain a form that is more or less fabricated by our own perception of what an ideal [life, house, partner, body, etc..etc.] should resemble. Why do we do this? Honesty, it beats me. But we do it, it’s simply in our nature. Those who claim to live a life free of endlessly striving to attain some sort of idealistic imagery or portrayal, I’m on to you. Going against the grain, in and of itself, is an ideal and a cliche. And that’s totally okay! Just be yourself, whatever that is. The best thing you can be is the most genuine, authentic version of you.

I think the important thing that I’m trying to get at here is the idea of acceptance. In order to live a productive, happy and peaceful life, it is paramount to accept what you can’t change, and to also understand that flaws and challenges are the framework for understanding who you are. The second element that I’m all over lately, that’s so important to grasp, is perception – your mindset and outlook on life can completely alter your mood and your interactions with others. You cannot change people, and you can’t always change your circumstances.. But one thing you can always change is how you understand them, see them, perceive them and your perspective on everything that surrounds you. The moment you truly understand this, and let go of trying to change people and things, you become 100 times more powerful in simply controlling your own mind. Live in endless possibility, and love unapologetically.. And I really believe that if you do, it’s pretty hard to go wrong.

If you still aren’t convinced, then you can always try this much simpler equation to absolutely killing it at life:

Kanye at day.

Drake at night.

Rick Ross at lunch.



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