Healthy & Quick Breakfast Ideas

I am in constant struggle of finding the perfect blend of healthy meal ideas that will help fuel me through my morning workouts, and also something that tastes satisfying and doesn’t take 30 minutes to conjure up.. After a lot of experimenting and a few failed attempts, I’ve come up with a few quick and easy recipes that will get you through your busy morning, and carry enough protein, grains and goodness to serve as a healthy pre or post workout meal.

No time for a full meal? No problem!


As for those days that you have trouble getting out of bed, and are running a bit late.. My absolute go-to is a little magical bar known as the “Quest Bar”. I carry one of these in my purse or in my car at all times, as they have proven to be the ultimate life saver for an active girl on the go. They come in a million amazing flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough, cookies and creme, strawberry cheesecake, double fudge brownie… and so many more! Not only do they taste delicious, but they carry about 20g of protein per serving, 1g of sugar, and 17g of fibre!! And, they are all natural and contain zero aspertame (which is a huge plus in my books). I have included a link for the Quest bars for more information.. I personally purchase them from GNC, i find that they are the best place to purchase them as they have the best deals and lowest prices for buying bulk. You can also pick them up at Popeyes, Nutrition House or Kardish Foods.




Pear & Ricotta Toast

I cannot emphasize the importance of incorporating enough protein and healthy grains into your diet, especially if you’re active and workout quite a bit, like myself. In the morning I will generally grab a banana or an apple and a bottle of water and hit the gym before work, and if time permits a protein shake or smoothie. Those all serve as an excellent pre workout snack. After the gym, you’ve probably worked up an enormous appetite and your body is craving protein and energy. I used to always reach for Skippy peanut butter on a piece of toast or other processed meal ideas.. There really isn’t anything wrong with any of these things, but you aren’t gaining the absolute most out of your meal if they’re filled with artificial ingredients, loaded with excess sugar and other additives. It was then that I decided to start experimenting with different toppings on a slice of multigrain toast.

One of my favorite creations was using some low fat ricotta as a spread, and topping it with thinly sliced pears. If you have a little bit of a sweet tooth and you find this to be bland, add some agave nectar drizzle on top. I have even tried sprinkling flax seeds on this as well for some variety with texture.

pear ricotta toast


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